When you see a special needs child the focus often is placed on the hard things. The things she won´t accomplish, the struggles and the challenges. I consider this to be very unfair. Each child is a miracle, a marvel of life who deserves our respect. We should always focus on the possibilities.

What they CAN do. What they WILL accomplish. What they ARE good at.

We should see the glass half full and look at every child as a diamond in the rough who needs our help to shine as bright as they can.

When my daughter was diagnosed with autism I felt overwhelmed. I felt like I was walking into a dark and unknown world. I was afraid and uncertainty overtook me. Not about what she could or could not do, but how I could help her become all that she could be.

I realized I had a huge challenge in front of me and I was not ready to face it. In time, I realized later that I was prepared, but fear had me frozen.

And there you were, my angel, the most hoped for and most loved child, ready to walk with me wherever life took us. Ready to follow as I led the way, but I felt incapable of guiding you, because fear had me petrified.

My brain made me do all that was needed, to find the best help, best doctors, best therapies (for both of us), all while my heart calmed down and caught up with us on our journey.

And in this path I realized what a privilege it is to be your mother.

You are an exceptional child. Intelligent, curious, caring, energetic and intense. I could go on all day detailing all of your qualities, because they are many, but what I value most is your courage and good heart.

You ran into this winding road we found ourselves in after your diagnosis, showing no fear and shared your courage with me. I´m amazed every time you try to do new things and conquer your fears to achieve what you set your mind to. You teach me every day that fear is not an option and that forward is the only way.


privilege mom daughter matching dresses

You heart is a treasure, pure, sensitive, generous,  and emphatic. You love with every fiber of your being but only those who you deem worthy and I´m fortunate to be one of the worthy. I am among your favorites, right there with dad and your little sister.

You fill me with tiny love filled kisses and huge hugs that melt my heart. You shower me with sweet and kind words of love. You want to be with me every minute of every day. You want me to sit with you while you play and show me your achievements with your face full of pride.

You give me beautiful gifts in the form of drawings and sculptures that come from that infinite imagination of yours. You wake me with loving kisses and ask me to lay with you as you fall asleep, giving me those heart-warming moments where our hearts beat as one and you can smell the love in the air.

You ask me to carry you in my arms when you are sleepy or just need a big hug. You cut flowers from people´s front yards while we walk, just to give them to me, and if you can´t find flowers, you give me leaves or pebbles. Anything you find is a good gift and I cherish every one.

I want you to know the privilege it is to be your mother and how thankful I am that you chose me to walk with you in this wonderful journey called life.

I want you to know how happy you make me every day and how fortunate I feel to have you with me.