Winter days are hard, more so when the kids have a cold, the weather is chilly, you can’t go out to play, kids are bored, they get grumpy, all they wanna do is watch TV and eat snacks…

Yesterday was like that, my little girl has a cold, it was raining, so we had to do fun things at home. I didn’t want the girls to spend all day watching TV and whining about how bored they are and how they want more snacks. I had a fun idea of crafts we could do, the girls liked the idea, so off we went.

crayones 1 crayons        crayones 2 crayons       crayons 3

We recycled crayons, I had a box of broken crayons I had been saving for no particular reason, different colors, different brands.

We started by separating the pieces by color, the girls really liked it and we got to practice naming color in English and Spanish, categorizing and fine motor skills.

The I chopped the crayons into little pieces while the girls went to watch «Tangled» for a while. I didn’t mind the interruption because chopping was a long process and it seemed a little dangerous to do with the girls around.

crayones 4 crayons     crayons 7    crayones 6 crayons

When all the pieces had been chopped I called the girls to come help me with the next step, filling the ice trays with little pieces of crayons. We used silicone ice trays shaped like fish, hearts and stars. These were molds we had at home, of course any kind of silicone ice tray will do the trick. This part was great for working fine motor skills.

When the molds were full we put them in the oven at 230ºF for 15 minutes.

Then we took them out and let them cool down before unmolding.

crayones 6 crayons     crayones 7 crayons

You need to unmold them carefully so the don’t break.

The final result is great!! Now the girls have super cute crayons to color with.